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Engines Evolution
Engines Evolution Scheduled courses Available in French View

Automotive Drive Train

Current & Future Automotive Fuels

Diesel Engineers

Electric Drives for Automotive Propulsion Design, Modeling & Simulation

Engine Operating Physics

Engine Technical Evolution

Hybrid & Electric Powertrains

Hybrid & Electric Powertrains - Modelings, Simulations, Measurements & Analysis

IC Engine Training for Engineers

Internal Combustion Engines: Theory & Practice

Introduction to Engines

Introduction to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Propulsion

Module 1: Fundamentals & Testing Methodology

Module 2: Spark Ignition Engines

Module 2S: Spark Ignition Engines Advanced Study & Simulations

Module 3: Diesel Engines

Module 3S: Diesel Engines

New Fuels & their Impact on IC Engines & Turbine Operation

Small Private Online Course (SPOC): Introduction to Engines & Fuels Certificate

Technical Evolutions of Automotive Engines