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Reservoir Engineering
Reservoir Engineering Scheduled courses Available in French View

E-350 - Introduction to Reservoir Engineering

E-355 - Reservoir Management

E-360 - Reservoir Engineering

E-360C - Reservoir Engineering Certification

E-361 - Fluid Studies - PVT

E-363 - Core Analysis for Reservoir Characterization

E-365 - Well Test Analysis

E-368 - Drilling & Completion for Reservoir Studies

E-370 - Drive Mechanism - Enhanced Oil Recovery

E-373 - Field Development Project & Uncertainties

E-375 - Dynamic Reservoir Simulation

E-385 - PVT Modeling

E-386C - Fundamentals of EOR Certification

E-387 - Gas Fields: Reservoir Engineering

E-388 - Advanced Well Test Analysis

E-389 - Dynamic Reservoir Simulation: Best Practices

E-390C - Reservoir Simulation Workshop Certification

E-391 - Laboratory Determination of Relative Permeabilities

E-392 - Experimental Training for Core Analysis

E-393C - Reserves Evaluation - Risks & Uncertainties Certification

E-394 - Development of Gas Condensate Fields

E-395 - Unconventional Resources - Shale Gas Fundamentals

E-396 - Environmental Management of Unconventional Development Projects: Shale & Tight Gas & Oil