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Basin Scheduled courses Available in French View

E-217 - From Prospect to Development: an Integrated Approach

E-218 - Stratigraphic Modeling: Basin Architecture & Sediment Distribution

E-219 - Basin Modeling: Thermicity, Maturation & Migration

E-220 - Seismic & Sequence Stratigraphy for Oil & Gas Exploration

E-221 - Hydrocarbons in Unconventional Settings (the Geology Perspective)

Geophysics & Reservoir Geophysics

E-100 - Seismic Reflection Fundamentals

E-101 - Signal Processing

E-103 - Petroleum Geophysics

E-110 - Borehole Seismic

E-131 - Seismic Interpretation Workshop

E-301 - Seismic Interpretation & Attributes Analysis Workshop

E-310 - Seismic Characterization

E-330 - Lithology & Fluid Detection: Tools for Seismic Reservoir Characterization

E-335 - Microseismic: New Insights on Reservoirs


E-150 - Wellsite Geology (Geological Logging)

E-160 - Well Logging & Qualitative Log Interpretation

E-170 - Quantitative Well Log Interpretation

E-180 - Cased-Hole & Production Logging

E-181 - Production Log Interpretation

Petroleum Exploration

E-200 - Fundamental Basin Exploration Workshop

E-201C - Basin Assessment & Modeling Certification

E-202 - Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Studies

E-204 - Exploration Concepts & Tools

E-205 - Basin Assessment & Prospect Definition

E-211 - Structural Analysis & Associated Traps

E-212 - Sedimentology & Sequence Stratigraphy

E-213 - Petroleum Systems: from Source Rock to Reservoir

E-216 - Evaluation & Prospect Generation

Reservoir Geology

E-250 - RCM Reservoir Characterization & Modeling

E-250C - Reservoir Characterization & Modeling Certification

E-252 - Reservoir Geology

E-255 - Advanced Reservoir Geology

E-258 - Integrated Reservoir On-Site Workshop (Poitiers Field Lab) Certification

E-261 - Geological Modeling Workshop for Integrated Reservoir Studies

E-263 - Advanced Carbonate Reservoir Characterization

E-264 - Naturally-Fractured Reservoirs

E-266 - Petroleum Geostatistics

E-267 - Petrophysical Properties: Core, Log & Test Data Integration for Reservoir Modeling