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E-467 - Well Integrity Management

  • Drilling, completion and production engineers and supervisors
  • To deepen knowledge of well integrity management, and develop the skills for designing, operating, and maintaining well equipment with the ultimate objective of ensuring a permanent, safe containment of all wellbore fluids
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the importance of well integrity
  • To grasp the process of well integrity management
  • To view well integrity within the framework of all key strategic efforts
  • To focus attention on key areas of well integrity assurance
  • To understand the Production supervisor’s duties with regard to well integrity

Well Integrity Management System Frameworks 0.5 day
  • Introduction
  • Assets
  • Organization and people
  • WI Direction
Well Integrity Standards 2 days
  • QA/QC Standard
  • Well suspension and abandonment standard
  • Well construction standard
  • Well integrity assessment
  • Well operation standard
  • Well re-entry and workover
Well Integrity Management 1.5 days
  • Introduction, concepts and definitions
  • WIM key activities
  • Minimum integrity requirements vs. well life cycles phases
  • Annulus pressure management
  • Data management
  • Well integrity review
  • WI performance management
Wellhead Preventive Maintenance (optional) 0.75 day
  • Objectives
  • General safety guidelines
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Activity based preventive maintenance
  • Field testing procedures
  • Wellhead seal integrity test (all well types)
  • Xmas tree nitrogen testing (gas well)
  • Wellhead failure report
  • Wellhead preventive maintenance report
  • Gas producer 6 and 12 months preventive maintenance
  • SC-SSSV preventive maintenance plan
Knowledge test 0.25 day