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E-546 - Well Equipment & Operation for Production Engineers

  • Production engineers and other professionals interested in well operations
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge of well operations; from drilling, completion, and artificial lift techniques and equipment to well intervention operations
Learning Objectives
  • To grasp fundamentals of drilling techniques
  • To draw the architecture of a typical well completion and explain the technology of the equipment used
  • To understand operating principle and technology of artificial lift pumps
  • To understand operating principle, monitoring and technology of gas lift systems
  • To review main well servicing and workover operations (objectives, principles, equipment…)
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry specialist lecturers
  • Several applications and illustrations

Fundamentals of drilling 1 day
  • Drilling and casing program: function of the different casings, how to determine the drilling and casing program
  • Principle of drilling: different types of bits, drilling string, hoisting and pumping functions and material, mud and solid treatments, wellheads
  • Drilling methods and special operations: drilling parameters, turbo drilling, coring and logging, casing and cementing operations, directional drilling, well control, fishing jobs
  • Offshore drilling operations: different types of rigs, specific offshore problems
Fundamentals of completion of normally flowing wells 1 day
  • Operations involved in well completion
  • Main factors influencing a completion design
  • Connecting the pay-zone to the borehole: open hole and cased hole, drilling and casing of the pay zone, evaluating and restoring the cement job, perforating
  • Equipment of naturally flowing wells: functions to be carried out and corresponding pieces of equipment, technology and handling of the main pieces of equipment (production wellhead, tubing, packer, downhole services, subsurface safety valve)
Well productivity - Need for artificial lift 0.25 day
  • Overall approach of the well flow capacity: inflow and outflow performances
  • Need for artificial lift
  • Main artificial lift techniques
Artificial lift by pumping 0.75 day
  • Techniques to be covered:
  • Sucker Rod Pumps
  • Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP)
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP)...
  • Jet pumps
  • For each of these techniques, the following points will be highlighted: Principle, Technology of the involved pieces of equipment, Operating procedure and troubleshooting, Installation design, Applications, Advantages and drawbacks. How to improve performances and run-life duration?
Artificial lift by continuous gas lift 1 day
  • Operating principle
  • Specific completion equipment
  • Factors to consider for design
  • Unloading, operating problems, and selection criteria
Well servicing and workover - Well intervention 1 day
  • Main jobs: measurement, maintenance, stimulation, Workover
  • Operations on killed wells (workover)
  • Operations on live wells (well intervention): wireline, coiled tubing, snubbing
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