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Upstream Module

60 days EAM/UPM
  • Recently hired professionals, preferably with an engineering background, about to take up a position in upstream petroleum activities
  • Staff from other petroleum sectors (refining, chemicals, etc.) taking up an upstream managerial position or from government agencies with responsibilities for petroleum matters will also benefit from this course
  • To gain an understanding of the upstream petroleum sector in its technical, economic and financial dimensions (main technical mechanisms, key economic data and characteristics, management tools, etc.)
Ways and means
  • Case studies
  • Statistical data
This module is a part of a 16-month master degree program, Petroleum Economics and Management, run by IFP School

Production and reservoir engineering 12 days
  • This part of the course covers the basic techniques used in exploration, development and production. This will enable the participants to communicate with specialists in this field, understand and estimate the validity of the technical data on which economic analyses are based
Global energy outlook 10 days
  • Energy geopolitics
  • Energy issues in the context of policy
  • Financial aspects of the petroleum industry
  • Evolution of the oil industry
Upstream management 11 days
  • Economic aspects of oil and gas Exploration-Production
  • Legal and fiscal aspects
  • Project financing
Evaluation of projects 12 days
  • Economic criteria: discounted cash flow, Internal Rate of Return, profitability index
  • Field development case study
  • Equivalent cost and long-term marginal cost
  • Portfolio management
Finance & accounting 10 days
  • Principles of accounting: case of oil and gas companies
  • The balance sheet and the income statement and notes
  • Financial analysis
  • Market value, Price Earnings Ratio
  • Statement of cash flow
  • Introduction to cost accounting and management control
Efficiency analysis of industrial firms 5 days
  • Production frontier and economic performances of firms
  • Deterministic, stochastic parametric and non-parametric models
2016 course calendar
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Jan 05 - Apr 08 Rueil €12,980 Online By email