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Unconventional Oil

3 days ENE/UCO
  • Producers, refiners, contractors and other actors related to the unconventional oil projects (banks, insurance and consulting companies)
  • To notice the different opportunities and challenges of unconventional oil production
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able:
  • to explain the exploration and production technics of unconventional oil
  • to locate the unconventional oil supply and to estimate its production costs
  • to interpret the impact of unconventional oil on crude prices
  • to describe the upgrading issues (location and syncrude properties) and environmental constraints
  • to identify the financing specificities of an unconventional oil project
Ways and means
  • Game on the unconventional Exploration & Production fundamentals
  • Exercise on crude pricing and refining margin
  • Unconventional oil project analysis: cost differential and production techniques
  • Debates on the industrial, environmental and economic stakes of the unconventional oil sector

Exploration and Production of unconventional oil 1 day
  • Conventional and unconventional oil: definition and characteristics
  • Focus on unconventional resources: shale oil/light tight oil, oil shale/kerogen oil, extra heavy oil, bitumen (tar sands)
  • Exploration and Production technics (geophysics, drilling, fluid injection, mining processes, etc.)
Unconventional oil supply and treatment 1 day
  • Unconventional production at the global scale
  • Oil treatment and upgrading technics
  • Transportation
  • Review of the projects and potential production areas: production costs and main players
Unconventional oil production challenges 1 day
  • High production cost and continuous investment
  • Fiscal terms
  • Environmental risks and constraints (water treatment, landscape degradation, etc.)
  • Upgrading issues and impacts on the downstream sector: location (in-situ, consumption areas), syncrude quality
  • Contribution of unconventional oil to the oil supply
  • Strategy of the oil & gas companies
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Apr 26 - 28 Rueil €2,540 Online By email