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Unconventional gas

3 days ENE/UCG
  • People from energy and industrial sector and other actors related to unconventional gas projects (banks, insurance and consulting companies)
  • To appreciate the risk and opportunities related to unconventional gas production
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able:
  • to understand the characteristics of shale, tight and coal bed methane
  • to describe the steps, technologies and costs to develop an unconventional gas project
  • to identify the value drivers of an unconventional gas development
  • to locate the unconventional gas resources and what are the situation and the challenges country per country
  • to define the impact of unconventional gas on price formulae and the markets unbalance
  • to identify the impact of unconventional gas on economies and industries
  • to identify the main unconventional gas contractors and operators and it strategy
  • to describe the environmental risks related to the production of unconventional gas
  • to participate to the unconventional gas debate
Ways and means
  • Game on the unconventional exploration and production technics
  • Videos
  • Unconventional gas project analysis: value drivers and cost differential
  • Debates on the industrial, environmental and economic stakes of the unconventional gas sector

Unconventional gas characteristics 0.2 day
  • Conventional and unconventional gas (shale gas, tight gas, coal bed methane, hydrates)
  • Resources & reserves
Upstream steps, technics & costs 0.8 day
  • Geology, Permit negotiation & Geophysics
  • Identification & site preparation
  • Directional & horizontal drilling
  • Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation & Micro-seismic Fracture Mapping
  • Production, processing & water management
  • Decommissioning
Identification of value drivers 0.5 day
  • Production profile characteristics
  • Typical development & operational costs estimate
  • Fiscal impact
  • Impact of the learning curve on the profitability
Shale, tight gas and cbm potential developments worldwide 0.5 day
  • America (North and South), Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific
Economic & strategic impact of unconventional gas revolution 0.5 day
  • Unconventional gas market (contractors and size of the market)
  • Strategy of the O&G companies (small and big independents, IOC, NOC)
  • Impact on the gas trades and gas prices
  • Indirect impacts on energy prices (oil price, coal price)
  • Economic impact on industries and government budgets (focus on petrochemicals, refining, and exporting and importing economies)
Environmental impact & issues 0.5 day
  • Environmental Issues
  • water consumption, water treatment & waste issues
  • surface footprint & noise
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • seismic events
  • The protagonists of the debate & their communication strategy
  • the pro (O&G producers and contractors, organization, energy consumers)
  • the cons (environmental & anti-globalization associations, renewable industry, some consumers)
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May 24 - 26 Rueil €2,540 Online By email
Sep 27 - 29 Rueil €2,540 Online By email