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E-477 - Stripping

  • Drilling and completion engineers, supervisors, and experienced tool pushers
  • To provide the practical knowledge and skills required for stripping operations
Learning Objectives
  • To carry out stripping operations in real conditions through annular preventer alone or rams to rams
  • To have a valid well control certificate and to correctly know the basics on well control equipment
Ways and means
  • Exercises either on a real rig or on a simulator

Reminders on well control 0.75 day
  • Causes, signs of a kick
  • Procedures in case of a sign of a kick
  • Well shut-in procedures
  • Control methods: driller's method, wait and weight method
  • Reminders on the equipment: BOP, closing unit, choke manifold, tests of equipment
  • Equipment
Stripping 2.25 days
  • Principle of the volumetric method, of the lubricating method
  • Application of the volumetric method to a general case: change in annular capacity, deviated well, drill collar safety
  • Stripping principle
  • Additional equipment required for a stripping job
  • Stripping through the annular preventer while running in on a training well or simulator
  • How teams are organized on the rig site to carry out the job
  • Stripping through ram BOP while running in on a training well or simulator
  • Stripping procedure when pulling out of hole