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E-218 - Stratigraphic Modeling: Basin Architecture & Sediment Distribution

  • Junior exploration geoscientists, multidisciplinary-team managers
  • To provide an in-depth and practical understanding of stratigraphic modeling following a comprehensive workflow
Learning Objectives
  • To grasp methodology of sequence stratigraphy and concepts of stratigraphic evolution
  • To model stratigraphic evolution of a basin using the software program Dionisos™
  • To predict reservoir distribution and geometry and assess efficiently the stratigraphic architecture of a sedimentary basin
Ways and means
  • Hands-on training sessions on workstation
  • Use of the software program DIONISOS™
  • Exercises and reports to launch questions and discussions at the end of the course

Sequence stratigraphy analysis
  • Depositional system concepts
  • Walther's law
  • Well log date
  • Seismic data
  • Sequence stratigraphy analysis workflow
Stratigraphic parameters
  • Presentation of allogenic parameters through the use of Dionisos™ software
  • Sensitivity analysis exercises with Dionisos™
Accommodation and shoreline shifts
  • Accommodation concept
  • Shoreline trajectories
  • Subsidence
  • Sediment supply
  • Demo and exercises with Dionisos™
Seismic and wells analysis
  • Stratigraphic surfaces
  • Systems tracts
  • Demo and exercises with Dionisos™
Modeling loop
  • Links between stratigraphic modeling and basin modeling
  • Questions and discussion
  • Exercises with Dionisos™