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E-212 - Sedimentology & Sequence Stratigraphy

  • Geologists, geophysicisists working in multidisciplinary-team dedicated to exploration
  • To provide a practical, comprehensive understanding of new concepts and methods applied in stratigraphy, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy analysis
Learning Objectives
  • To review fundamentals of main depositional environments
  • To understand and apply sequence stratigraphy concepts and methods
  • To identify sequences on seismic lines, and to interpret cores and log data with regard to stratigraphy
  • Course requires a good grasp of fundamentals in stratigraphy and in sedimentology, with a first experience in seismic interpretation
Ways and means
  • Lectures, exercises, hands-on sessions on real case studies

Stratigraphy - Sedimentology - Main depositional environments 1 day
  • Review of basic concepts in stratigraphy and sedimentology
  • Alluvial, fluvial, deltaic, shallow & deep marine facies models
  • Facies classification and related petrophysical characteristics
Seismic sequence stratigraphy at basin scale 2.5 days
  • Historical concept of depositional sequences and system tracts
  • Interpretation methodology both for clastics and carbonate facies
  • Prediction of potential source rocks & reservoirs location
  • Application to seismic interpretation
  • State-of-art overview of sequence stratigraphy
High-resolution sequence stratigraphy at reservoir scale 1 day
  • Identification of genetic sequences
  • Correlation by analysis of stacking patterns
  • Interpretation: exercises based on outcrop analogues and field studies
Overview of stratigraphic modeling 0.5 day
  • Interactive demo on Dionisos™ modeling software
2016 course calendar
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Sep 19 - 23 Rueil €3,020 Online By email