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Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

3 days EIM/PLINS-E
  • Managers, engineers and staff involved in inspection, maintenance and operation in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries.
  • To provide the necessary background for setting up RBI for fixed equipment.
Learning Objectives
  • Describe the RBI method for a petrochemical or chemical unit.
  • Identify the degradation mechanism for a corrosion loop.
  • Determine the probability and consequence of failure.
  • Set up appropriate inspection planning.
Ways and means
  • An interactive course based on actual case studies.

Owner - User inspection organization 0.5 day
  • Responsibilities of an owner-user of pressure equipment.
How to design a rational method of inspection 0.5 day
  • Review of RBI based on API 581.
Quantitative and semi-quantitative risk based inspection approach 1 day
  • Comparison of the qualitative and quantitative RBI-API 581 approaches.
  • Damage and inspection “manuals” (API 571).
  • Inspection plan preparation and/or revision. Keys for a successful inspection plan.
  • Advantages of the risk-based approach. Other professional documents.
  • Inspection “Corrosion loop”.
Examples of application of the RBI method 1 day
  • Technical expertise.
  • Risk based inspection analysis presentation.
  • Corrosion survey and diagnosis tools.
  • Use of inspection results and technical experts.
  • Documentation related to damage types (corrosion, metallurgical or mechanical damages) and prevention strategies.
  • Case studies of process plant inspection plan.