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E-355 - Reservoir Management

5 days GIS/ARM
  • Experienced geoscientists, reservoir engineers and petroleum engineers actively involved in production engineering related activities
  • Managers in various E&P disciplines involved with interface activities
  • Field development engineers who need to broaden their technical experience
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of techniques used in the management of an asset, throughout its lifetime, from the discovery of a reservoir till the end of production
Learning Objectives
  • To know and understand the fundamental concepts of Reservoir Management, from geology to hydrocarbons recovery
  • To learn about best techniques and practices in oil and gas fields development
  • To acquire some know-how through field case studies providing an exposure to a range of reservoir conditions
Ways and means
  • Interactive courses and exercises
  • Real field case workshop
This course has a significant practical content and is therefore recommended for participants with an industrial experience and a scientific background

Introduction to reservoir management
  • Objectives of reservoir management
  • Field development projects: an integrated effort
Reservoir monitoring: introduction
  • Definitions and Planning (reservoir management plans, new and mature fields)
Fluid characterization and sampling
  • Fluid properties
  • Sampling
  • Exercises
Drainage mechanisms
  • Primary recovery
  • Secondary recovery
  • Tertiary recovery / EOR
  • Exercises
Well testing
  • Theory
  • Practical exercise
Monitoring: data acquisition
  • Planning & costs
  • Cased Hole Logging: Cement Bond, Saturation Monitoring and Flow Profiles
  • Exercises
Decision processes & business aspects
  • Development decision process & project economics
  • Various approaches of international companies & JV
Field cases
  • North Sea Field Development case & workshops exercises
  • Oil and Gas reserves and resources definitions and classification
  • Volumetrics
  • Exercise
Risks & uncertainties
  • Introduction to R&U
  • Notions of Probabilities, exercises
  • Statistical description of data & common distributions
  • Monte Carlo simulation & parametric method, exercises
  • Notions of geostatistics and geostochastic modeling, exercises
  • Static uncertainties
  • Dynamic uncertainties, exercises