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E-326 - Reservoir Management

5 days REE/RMNGT
  • Geoscientists, reservoir engineers, field development engineers and petroleum engineers actively involved in production engineering related activities.
  • Managers and would-be managers in various E&P disciplines involved with interface activities.
  • This course provides a comprehensive overview of techniques used in the management of an asset, throughout its lifetime, from the discovery of a reservoir till the end of production.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • discuss main concepts of Reservoir Management from Geology to Hydrocarbon Recovery and Export point,
  • include each Reservoir Management component within the workflow and discuss the importance of timing and cost/benefit analysis,
  • list techniques and best practices related to the development of Oil & Gas fields including economic aspects,
  • describe Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS), reserves and resources definition and classifications,
  • describe main monitoring techniques in order to apply IOR and EOR methods during reservoir life,
  • discuss about integrating risks and uncertainties into reserves evaluation: static uncertainties, dynamic uncertainties, geostochastic modelling, etc.,
  • use the interdisciplinary synergistic approach leading to efficient reservoir management.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Interactive lectures and exercises.
  • Field case study.

Introduction to reservoir management 0.25 day
  • Objectives of Reservoir Management.
  • Field development projects: an integrated effort.
Decision process & business aspects 0.75 day
  • Development decision process.
  • Project economics (NPV, IRR, …).
Reservoir characterization - Reminders 0.5 day
  • Data gathering, data base, quality control.
  • Reservoir characterization workflow.
  • Reservoir geo-modeling workflow.
Reserves classification & evaluation 1 day
  • SPE definitions and principles (PRMS).
  • SEC definitions and guidelines.
  • Reserve estimation and production profile tools.
  • Analogue methods.
  • Performance analysis (material balance, decline curves analysis).
  • Simulation models.
Reservoir monitoring & data acquisition for IOR/EOR 1 day
  • Definitions, facilities, planning & costs.
  • IOR and EOR definitions.
  • Open hole logging (pressure profile, saturation, porosity, …).
  • Cased hole logging (CBL, saturation monitoring, …).
  • 4D Seismic.
  • Exercises.
  • Field case.
Risks & uncertainties 0.5 day
  • Introduction to risks and uncertainties:
  • Definitions.
  • Notions of probability and decision trees.
  • Statistical description of data.
  • Geophysical uncertainties.
  • Geological uncertainties.
  • Reservoir uncertainties.
  • Notions of geostatistics and stochastic modeling.
  • Uncertainty assessment techniques.
Reservoir field case workshop 1 day
  • Reservoir exploration through drilling and seismic profiles.
  • Reservoir characterization by PVT and logs.
  • Reservoir development (number of wells, location, …) and profile prediction.
  • Final investment decision based on economy study.
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