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E-360 - Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir engineers and experienced technicians willing to deepen their knowledge in reservoir engineering; young scientists, geoscientists and production engineers moving towards reservoir engineering
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of reservoir engineering concepts and the necessary skills in order for the attendees to quickly integrate multidisciplinary teams set up for oil and gas fields development and monitoring projects
Learning Objectives
  • To know and understand fundamental concepts of Reservoir Characterization and relationships with Reservoir Engineering
  • To know and understand fundamental concepts of Reservoir Engineering, especially drive mechanisms and reservoir modeling
  • To know and understand fundamental concepts of Field Development Plan, particularly reserves evaluation and production scheme optimization taking into account static and dynamic uncertainties
Ways and means
  • Interactive lectures and exercises
  • Hands-on practices using various dedicated and state-of-the-art software tools
  • Case study
  • Field trips
Course fees include accommodation and transport during field trips

Module 1 - Reservoir geology (cf. E-252) 20 days
  • Petroleum system & reservoir
  • Geophysics & reservoir geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Core data, Porosity, Saturation, Wettability, Capillary pressure
  • Well logging interpretation
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Reservoir architecture - Static and dynamic approach - Heterogeneities
  • Field trip on clastic and carbonate reservoirs
  • Geological modeling (deterministic & stochastic) and OHIP computation
Module 2 - Fluids studies (cf. E-361) 5 days
  • Chemical composition of petroleum fluids
  • Basic properties and thermodynamics of reservoirs fluids
  • PVT studies
Module 3 - Well test analysis (cf. E-365) 10 days
  • Basic equations and methods of interpretation
  • Test design - Practical session
  • Gas well theoretical review and applications
  • Field trip: well test in an aquifer
Module 4 - Drilling/completion for reservoir studies (cf. E-368) 5 days
  • Drilling
  • Well completion
  • Cased hole logging
  • Well performance
  • Horizontal and complex wells
Module 5 - Drive mechanism - Enhanced Oil Recovery (cf. E-370) 7 days
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Drive Mechanism
  • EOR
  • Material balance
  • Naturally fractured reservoir
Module 6 – Development project and uncertainties (cf. E-373) 5 days
  • Reservoir geological characterization
  • Well performance - Monitoring and data acquisition
  • Decision process and business aspects
  • Field cases
  • Introduction to risks and uncertainties
  • Qualitative diagnostic through sensitivity studies
  • Quantitative diagnostic through uncertainty analysis
Module 7 - Dynamic reservoir simulation (cf. E-375) 10 days
  • From geology to dynamic reservoir model
  • Petrophysics - PVT data - Production and well data
  • Reservoir simulation methodology
  • Practice on a multipurpose software package (Eclipse™)
  • Development scheme
2016 course calendar
Language Dates Location Tuition Register
Feb 15 - May 13 Rueil / terrain €34,400 Online By email
Sep 12 - Dec 09 Rueil / field trip €34,400 Online By email