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E-393C - Reserves Evaluation - Risks & Uncertainties Certification

  • Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, asset managers, economists, government representatives interested or involved in reserves estimation and reporting
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of all methods and issues involved in the evaluation of hydrocarbons reserves
Learning Objectives
  • To review principles of reservoir characterization and reserves evaluation
  • To learn about main concepts of risks and uncertainties management
  • To learn about integrating risks and uncertainties into reserves evaluation – static uncertainties, dynamic uncertainties, geostochastic modeling, etc.
Ways and means
  • Interactive courses and exercises
  • Hands-on practice using state-of-the-art softwares
This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Basics of reservoir characterization
  • Introduction to Field Development Projects
  • Reminder on rock and fluid properties
  • Geomodeling
  • Volumetric Evaluation of OIIP and GIIP. Exercises
  • Summary of recovery factors versus drive mechanisms
Reserves definitions
  • Oil & gas reserve/resource definitions
  • SPE definitions and principles
  • SEC definitions and guidelines
  • Other definitions
Reserves estimations and production profiles
  • Volumetrics
  • Performance analysis (material balance, decline curves)
  • Simulation models
  • Exercises
Risks and uncertainties
  • Introduction to Risks and Uncertainties
  • Notions of probability and decision trees (exercises)
  • Statistical description of data (exercises)
  • Common distributions
  • Probabilistic methods: Monte-Carlo and Parametric (exercises)
  • Notions of geostatistics and stochastic modeling (exercises)
  • Structural, geological and dynamic uncertainties (exercises)
Additional reserves and economics
  • EOR and Unconventional reserves
  • Notions of economics, contracts. Exercises
2016 course calendar
Language Dates Location Tuition Register
Jun 13 - 17 Rueil €3,250 Online By email