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E-746 - Project Planning & Scheduling

5 days PL/PSPCGB
  • Project engineers responsible for building, optimizing and controlling the schedule of capital projects implemented in oil and gas operating facilities
  • Elaboration, optimization and control of the schedule of a project
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the schedule elaboration process of a project, depending on its phase
  • To understand the advantages and drawbacks of the various schedule computer tools available on the marketplace
  • To create the schedule of a project using one of these tools (Microsoft Project, Primavera)
Ways and means
  • The course is illustrated by examples taken from actual Exploration / Production projects (Onshore/Offshore)
  • Demos and actual exercises are performed by small teams of two persons
  • Computer software interfaces are used during most of the course, with the help of professional users

Project state gate process 0.5 day
  • Feasibility studies, detailed engineering, procurement, construction and start-up
  • Engineering Contractor involvement depending on project size and contract type
  • Project planning: Execution Plan, roles and responsibilities of actors involved
  • Importance of schedule in various project types, depending on the stage
Building / optimizing the schedule 0.5 day
  • Planning of activities, structure (WBS) and definition of terms. Constraints to meet
  • Preliminary Engineering: bar chart. Evaluation of the duration of each activity
  • Logical links between activities. Critical path. Margins. Critical Path Method, Precedence Diagram
  • Resource management. Optimization of the duration of an activity
Onshore case study using MS project 1 day
  • Presentation of a fictitious revamping onshore project (which entails a plant shutdown) to be used as case study
  • Demonstration of software functions. Critical path visualization
  • Input and coding of activities, tasks and resources. Reporting levels
  • Physical progress update for reporting purposes
Offshore case study using Primavera 3 days
  • Presentation of a fictitious deep offshore project to be used as case study
  • Demonstration of software functions
  • Definition of the list of project activities to be carried out according to the project scope of works
  • Input and coding of activities, tasks and resources necessary to project execution
  • Sequence of the activities and estimation of their duration. Probabilistic approach in scheduling
  • Critical path visualization
  • Various types of progress (physical, cost, hours). Follow-up methods
  • Relationship between cost progress and schedule
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