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Project Management

5 days PGP/OCP-E
  • Owner and Engineering Contractor management positions, project engineers.
  • Management of large Oil&Gas projects (above €1 Billion), from initiation to start-up.
Learning Objectives
  • Execute FEED (justification, feasibility study, Basic Engineering activities, project approval).
  • Plan, then control the project execution (Detail Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Start-up).
Ways and means
  • Numerous examples taken from actual refining/chemical projects.
  • A case study is used throughout the course, to study all stages of the project.
Course consistent with the PMI standards and the 5th edition of the PMBOK. PDUs: 30

Introduction and preliminary studies 0.5 day
  • Introduction: global project context (refinery, petrochemicals and chemicals project types, project stages).
  • Preliminary studies: project evaluation process, conceptual studies, pre-FEED, project economics, technical deliverables, preliminary project planning (global project schedule, CAPEX estimate, risks management plan, project execution strategy).
Basic Engineering (FEED) 0.5 day
  • Technical package and project planning, project team organization, FEED management, execution sequence, deliverables, process licensors packages, EPC stage schedule, CAPEX estimate, project execution strategy, project execution plan update. FEED contract types.
Contracting 0.5 day
  • Contracting strategy (project breakdown into contracts), EPC stage contract types and comparison, endorsement of company items, of FEED and other contracts, EPC tendering process, EPC contract bid preparation and tender evaluation.
EPC project organization and execution 0.25 day
  • Organization charts, role of project manager, EPC stage objectives & project execution plan.
HSE - Quality and risk management 1 day
  • HSE management: tools & techniques for safety & environment design, project reviews, safety concept & safety dossier, HSE during construction phase, HSE reporting for projects.
  • Quality management: quality plan, quality control, quality surveillance.
  • Risk management: types of risk, evaluation of cost and schedule risks, contingencies, risk management tools.
Scheduling and progress control 0.5 day
  • Project control process, schedule elaboration, progress curves, critical path, software tools, progress control, recovery plan.
Cost control, reporting, documentation control systems 0.5 day
  • Cost control principles, initial budget elaboration, final cost estimation, invoicing, project reporting, documentation control systems.
Detail engineering and procurement 0.5 day
  • Detail engineering management: process, main deliverables, project reviews, engineering systems.
  • Management of changes and change requests.
  • Procurement management: strategy, procurement of Long Lead Items, procurement management organization & execution (purchasing, expediting, inspection, shipping), material control systems, other procurement systems.
Construction 0.75 day
  • Construction/Fabrication challenges, contractors & resources, subcontract types, construction & fabrication strategy. Construction at site: construction execution plan and management, HSE management, schedule, progress control, quality management. Construction methods (pre-fabrication, modularization, transportation, delivery/erection), interface with commissioning.