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Project Control

  • Anyone requiring a comprehensive understanding of large Oil & Gas upstream project control techniques.
  • Project control specialists to be trained for the position of project control manager or positions in project control entities.
  • Project managers or project engineers willing to get a broad understanding of the increasingly complicated project control challenges.
  • To present the constraints, challenges and methods to be put in place in large oil & gas projects.
Learning Objectives
  • To understand Project Control tools and issues when running a large Oil & Gas Project.
  • To acquire a sound knowledge of all non-technical matters responsible of project success: each of these is reviewed thoroughly by specialists.
Ways and means
  • The course is illustrated by numerous examples taken from actual Refining/Chemicals projects.
Upon request, trainees not willing to follow the whole course may attend some modules only.

General project organization and control 2 days
  • Overall framework, background, stakeholders and objectives.
  • Industry players: engineering, construction, main suppliers.
  • Project organization.
  • Human resources: mobilization, job descriptions, outsourcing.
  • Intercultural issues and communication.
  • Delegation of authorities, ethical issues.
  • Local content and permitting.
  • Reporting.
Contracts and procurement 3 days
  • Contracting strategy.
  • EPC contract content and core articles, exhibits.
  • Call for tender procedures.
  • Contract administration.
  • Management of change orders, of claims.
  • Procurement, expediting, stock management, transportation, customs.
  • Legal issues.
  • Insurance issues.
Planning and scheduling 1.5 days
  • Methods and tools.
  • Baseline project planning.
  • Progress measurement and reviews.
  • Recovery plan.
Cost estimating and control 1.5 days
  • Cost estimating, initial budget.
  • Market intelligence.
  • Budget (WBS, commitments, forecasts, AFE, currency hedging, etc.).
  • Accounting (invoicing, cash calls, SAP/Salsa, etc.).
Risk management 0.5 day
  • Method and tools.
  • Risk management plan, study cases.
Quality assurance, quality control 0.5 day
  • QA, project quality plan.
  • Audits and reviews.
  • Quality control.
Information management 1 day
  • Document control, circulation and comments of engineering documents.
  • Specifications, derogations, queries.
  • Interface management.
  • Management of change.
  • IT issues.