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E-740C - Project Control Certification

14 days PL/PCCGB
  • This course is aimed at professionals who have already occupied a position within a project task force and need to understand the basics of the project control process.
  • This certification provides a comprehensive overview and practical knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to control a project, specifiying the the scope and the position of the project control manager in the organization of a project.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • specify the scope and interfaces of the project control function,
  • improve the communication among project actors,
  • master project control information: collection, process, report,
  • learn the different methods and tools related to project control,
  • identify the areas of concern and propose a corrective action plan,
  • grasp the increasingly challenging contractual relations involved in an Oil & Gas project,
  • apply proven methods to solve the issues and put successfully a project in the right contractual framework.
  • Basic knowledge of the project control process.
Ways and means
  • The course is illustrated by numerous examples and exercises taken from actual exploration & production projects.
All the modules are independent and may be taken separately. However, all modules most be taken to be eligible for certification. Duration including competencies assessment duration.

  • Project control framework
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Value analysis and risks
  • Performance assessment round-up, procurement and changes
Module 2: CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT (cf. E-742) 4.75 days
  • Introduction
  • Contracting strategy
  • Call for tender procedures
  • EPC contract content and core articles, exhibits
  • EPC contract, liability and insurance
  • Procurement, expediting, stock management, transportation, customs
  • Contract administration
  • Negotiation
Module 3: NEGOTIATION SKILLS (cf. E-743) 3.75 days
  • Generalities. Principles and methodology
  • Methodology. Project specific
  • Simulation 1
  • Arguments, search for compromise
  • Simulation 2
  • Claim management or Influence games and group dynamics
  • Simulation 3
  • Influence games and group dynamics
  • Simulation 4
EVALUATION each week 0.25 day
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