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E-740C - Project Control Certification

14 days PL/PCCGB
  • Attendees who have already occupied a position within a Project task force and who need to understand the basics of the Project Control process
  • To provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge of the tools and techniques to control a Project
  • To specify the scope and the position of the Project Control Manager function within a project organization
Learning Objectives
  • To specify the scope and interfaces of the Project Control function
  • To improve the communication among Project actors
  • To master project control information: collection, process, report
  • To learn the different methods and tools related to Project Control
  • To identify the areas of concern and propose a corrective action plan
  • To grasp the increasingly challenging contractual relations involved in an oil and gas project
  • To apply proven methods to solve the issues and put successfully a project in the right contractual framework
Ways and means
  • The course is illustrated by numerous examples and exercises taken from actual Exploration & Production projects
  • Training E-740C may be validated, on request, as such when all modules have been done
All the modules are independent and may be done separately. Please refer to the training description for more details This course can be delivered in French, with documentation in English

Module 1: Developing Project Control Techniques (cf. E-741) 5 days
  • Context
  • The project control function
  • Establishing baselines
  • Measuring project performance
  • Performance assessment: actual vs. planned
  • Corrective action plan
  • Communication plan
  • Project control deliverables
  • Project control plans and implementation
Module 2: Contracts and Procurement (cf. E-742) 5 days
  • Introduction
  • Contracting strategy
  • Call for tender procedures
  • EPC contract content and core articles, exhibits
  • EPC contract, liability and insurance
  • Procurement, expediting, stock management, transportation, customs
  • Contract administration
  • Negotiation
Module 3: Negotiation Skills (cf. E-743) 4 days
  • Generalities – Principles and methodology
  • Methodology – Project specific
  • Simulation 1
  • Arguments, search for compromise
  • Simulation 2
  • Claim management OR Influence games and group dynamics
  • Simulation 3
  • Influence games and group dynamics
  • Simulation 4
2016 course calendar
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Apr 04 - 21 Rueil €9,310 Online By email
Oct 17 - Nov 03 Rueil €9,310 Online By email