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E-552C - Production Superintendent Certification

  • Professionals with a significant experience in oil and gas surface production who are called on to hold position of production superintendents.
  • This course provides the in-depth technical knowledge of Oil & Gas processing operations, along with the managerial and communication skills, for qualifying to hold the position of production superintendents.
    The required high-level knowledge stretches over a wide range of issues in relation to reservoir, corrosion, inspection, maintenance, well performance, flow assurance, …
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • describe the overall production process, from reservoir to offloading facilities,
  • explain available tools and techniques for well performance enhancement and production optimization,
  • explain state-of-the-art Oil & Gas production techniques,
  • describe HSE management rules and responsibilities,
  • acquire world class work methods and communication skills,
  • anticipate anomalous events and react effectively to avoid production loss.
  • Significant experience in Oil & Gas surface production.
Ways and means
  • Several applications and illustrations.
  • Intensive teamwork.
  • Use of dynamic training simulations.
  • Practical sessions with equipment in a workshop.

Downhole production - Well performance 4 days
  • Units. Dimensions
  • Fundamentals of reservoir engineering. Well testing
  • Fundamentals of drilling, completion and well servicing
  • Artificial lift (pumping, gas lift...) and well performance
Oil, water & gas processing 10 days
  • Effluent behavior. Fundamentals of thermodynamics. Specifications
  • Oil processing
  • Production and Injection water treatment
  • Gas processing
  • Work on Study cases to detail processes and concerns
HSE risks & management 17.5 days
  • HSE risks, flammability, overpressure systems: PSV, flare and flare network, closed and open drains...
  • Safety in operation: use of utilities, degassing / inerting, confined space entry, start-up & shutdown
  • Safety during construction and maintenance works: lifting & rigging, work at height, electrical safety…
  • Work permit system. SIMultaneous OPerations (SIMOPS) management…
  • HSE management systems. Management of change. Downgraded situations. HSE referential & responsibilities
  • Safety engineering: HAZID, HAZOP, layout optimization and identification of major accidents. Risks matrix…
  • Safety systems: HIPS, ESD, EDP, F&G, USS. Safety logic diagrams
  • Human factors. Opersafe: philosophy and methodology
  • Incident analysis and reporting. Root cause analysis
  • Environmental and societal aspects
Instrumentation & process control - Electricity 5 days
  • Instrumentation & Process Control. Distributed Control System (DCS). Electricity
Rotating machinery 5 days
  • Rotating machinery: pumps, compressors, turbo-expanders and gas turbines
Corrosion, inspection & integrity 3 days
  • Metallurgy. Corrosion. Inspection. Facility integrity management
Multidisciplinary conferences 3.5 days
  • Terminal and FSO / FPSO
  • Deep offshore: development challenges and specific operating constraints
  • Flow assurance. Chemicals injection monitoring. Deposit prevention and monitoring
  • Field Operations Management (FOM): objectives and methodology
Dynamic training simulator 5 days
  • Unit troubleshooting. Practice on dynamic training simulator
  • Team work management
Work methods & communication 2 days
  • Work methods and team management
  • Written and oral communication
Revisions - Oral assessment 3 days
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