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E-543 - Production Optimization

  • Engineers (particularly reservoir & production specialists, design or project engineers) and Production technicians interested in having a broader view of global production constraints and key factor to increase fields productivity
  • To provide an overall view of key factors affecting the productivity of Oil & Gas production sites, from the reservoir to the delivery point, and to present the actual approaches and tools aiming to maximize the output of present and future fields
Learning Objectives
  • To learn about the different notions of Exploration & Production chain in the Oil & Gas Sector and introducing the main notions of Reservoir Engineering and Production Systems
  • To acquire pertinent notions of subsurface systems relating well performance, by understanding how wells are designed and produced
  • To perform case studies aiming at optimizing well productivity, including the use of specialized software (PROSPERâ„¢)
  • To analyze well effluent Transport phenomena and issues, including notions of Flow Assurance
  • To learn about the main strategies of global production optimization, including practical case studies of integrated optimization
  • To be informed of the current trends and future perspectives of Production Optimization, offering a glance at new production system technologies and architectures
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training with industry specialist lecturers
  • Classroom topics are introduced by means of several applications and illustrations (videos, demonstrations, etc.)
  • Comprehensive and practical examples of actual applications implying the concepts of Oil & Gas Production Optimization
  • Trainees go through most relevant applications related to Oil and Gas field Production Optimization following live-simulations (PROSPERTM) carried-out with the instructor
PROSPERâ„¢ is a well performance, design and optimization program for modeling most types of well configurations found in the worldwide oil and gas industry today

Introduction to Oil & Gas production systems 1 day
  • Introduction to Exploration & Production activities in the Oil & Gas sector
  • Production System general description: reservoir, wells, transport, surface facilities, storage, metering and allocation
  • Properties of Reservoir Fluids
  • Description of Reservoir input data
Well drilling & completion, well test basics 1 day
Subsurface production operation optimization 1 day
  • Optimization objectives and constraints
    Well Performance (part 1): Nodal Analysis Principles
    Well Performance (part 2): Artificial Lift Design and Troubleshooting
    Optimizing Well productivity: case study with PROSPERâ„¢ simulation application
Effluents transport 1 day
  • Flow Assurance Issues: deposits, pipeline design considerations, multiphase flow
  • Transport Optimization Strategies (Design & Operation)
Global production optimization 1 day
  • Surface Facilities Design and integration with subsurface system
  • Well production combination
  • Integrated applications through case studies
  • Applications for future offshore developments
  • Perspectives of optimization tools