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Production of Paraxylene - Aromatic Loops

5 days PCH/ARO-E
  • Engineers, senior operations personnel or technical supervisory staff interested or involved in the operation, optimization and monitoring of hydrogen and aromatics production units.
  • Engineers from research centers and engineering companies involved in the different aspects of the operation and process control of these processes.
  • To provide a thorough technical understanding of catalytic reforming and other processes of paraxylene recovery.
Learning Objectives
  • To assess the influence of operating parameters on a unit performance through an analysis of the catalyst's activity.
  • To optimize the process for achieving the targeted yield in BTX.
  • To learn about potential deficiencies and troubleshooting.
  • To acquire the best practices for unit start-up, normal operation and shutdown.
Ways and means
  • Applications, teamwork, case studies and interactive workshops based on typical real situations.

Sources, outlets and main industrial uses of aromatic intermediaries 0.25 day
  • Main sources: catalytic reforming, steamcracker, coke oven gases.
  • Outlet and main uses of: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes.
Aromatics complex schemes 0.25 day
  • Arrangements available related to downstream markets.
  • Naphtha to paraxylene typical scheme.
  • Alternate schemes.
High severity - Catalytic reforming for rings generation 0.25 day
  • Technologies available: semi-regenerative and regenerative.
  • Main differencies.
  • Influence of feedstocks origins and characteristics on the performances of the units.
  • Constraints.
  • Current yields and properties of the reformate in relation with severity.
Operating parameters of a catalytic reformer 1 day
  • Process flow diagram and operating parameters of a continuous catalytic reforming unit. Main control loops.
  • Material balance. Energy consumption.
  • Operating variables: WABT, WAIT, H2/HC ratio, flow rates, water and chlorine injection, recycle gas and hydrogen rich gas characteristics, flash drum conditions.
  • Main equipment and metallurgy: features of reactors, heat exchangers and furnace technology, corrosion issues.
  • Specificities for low pressure technology:
  • Low pressure equipment, recontacting section, catalyst circulation: lifts, ∆P control, seal legs, nitrogen loops for regeneration, etc.
  • Analyzers and process control.
Catalytic reforming reactions and catalysts 0.5 day
  • Review of the characteristics of all the chemical reactions: thermodynamics and kinetics.
  • Influence of the operating parameters on the production of C6-C8 aromatics, hydrogen, octane number, and other yields. Consequences for the process.
  • Catalyst properties: role of the acidic and metallic functions, of the support, of the different promotors and their impact on chemical reactions and yields. Water/chlorine balance and management.
  • Catalyst composition and selectivity, poisons and ageing factors.
  • Catalyst regeneration. Role of each step for an optimal activity. Operating parameters for CCR regeneration loops.
Operation and optimization for catalytic reforming 0.5 day
  • Unit operation: monitoring the operating variables and optimization, for regenerative units.
  • Flexibility of the continuous process towards maximizing the yield in BTX. Performance follow up.
  • Maximizing the performances of the unit under constraints or limit conditions.
  • Main steps for start-up and shutdown.
Reformate separation train 0.25 day
  • Different schemes and purposes.
  • Focus on C8 cut treatment.
  • C8 cut composition ex reformate.
Paraxylene recovery unit 1.5 days
  • Technologies available: PAREX and ELUXYL processes.
  • Principles and details of an ELUXYL process.
  • Main operating parameters.
  • Main steps for start-up and shutdown.
Refining upgrading 0.5 day
  • Refining composition.
  • Catalytic isomerization reactions and catalysts.
  • Schemes available.
  • Operating conditions.
  • Main steps for start-up and shutdown.
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