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E-253 - Production Log Interpretation

5 days RES/LPEMR
  • Production, reservoir or workover engineers, field production managers, and supervisors.
  • Knowledge of PLT calibrations, holdups measurements and flow-rates calculations is recommended.
  • This course provides a practical understanding of production log interpretation in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells using a dedicated software.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • carry out a basic interpretation of PLT data using the software program Emeraude,
  • describe the interpretation technique for horizontal wells,
  • practice on multi-probe analysis with data gathered from Multi Array Production sondes and Flow Scan Imager.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Hands-on sessions with use of production log interpretation software Emeraude of KAPPA Engineering.

Basic features & software practice 1 day
  • Basic features applied to a 2-phase gas oil well example.
  • Software presentation: well data, well sketch, features and layouts.
  • Zones definitions: reservoirs, perforations, calibrations, inflow, calculations of rates.
PL interpretation of diphasic flows 1 day
  • Handle diphasic flow in deviated well, with shut-in and production surveys.
  • Practice on spinner reversals.
  • Integrate PVT data and determine production rates per zone & cumulative rate.
  • Apply all previous practices on field example with 3-phase flow.
Horizontal wells 1 day
  • Handle data from horizontal wells logged with Flow Scan Imager & Probe Flow Caliper Sonde with 3-phase flow and shut-in & production surveys.
  • Obtain average values of velocity & holdups through process of passes from flowing survey.
  • Perform full PL interpretation with previous inputs.
PL interpretation with multiple probes tools 1 day
  • Interpret data set from multiple probe tools in case of deviated well, with Emeraude software, with logs acquired with spinner array, capacitance array, resistivity arrays tools in a 3 phase flow well.
  • Data QC.
Single phase gas well 1 day
  • Interpretation of temperature log with Emeraude segmented and energy equation models.
  • Case of apparent downflow & selected inflow performance.