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E-619 - Production Facilities Power Network & Electrical Equipment (Advanced)

5 days I-R/ELEC2GB
  • Engineers and technicians interested in electrical installations and equipment used in the oil and gas industry
  • To provide a thorough understanding of Role & Functions of Plant Electrical Equipment, Electrical Technology, Generation and Distribution of Electrical Power and Rotating Equipment’s
Learning Objectives
  • To provide understanding, concepts of Plant Electrical Equipment
  • To understand equipment operating principles within a typical electrical network
  • To understand the basic maintenance curative and preventive principles
  • To understand and apply the electrical safety rules in oil and gas industries
Ways and means
  • Several applications and illustrations

Role & functions of plant electrical equipment 0.75 day
  • Electrical power users
  • Monitoring, control and safety equipment
  • Rotating equipment
  • Static equipment
Electrical power generation and distribution 0.75 day
  • Power generation
  • Power distribution / networks
Rotating equipment – Motors 0.75 day
  • Basic motor theory
Static equipment’s 0.75 day
  • Transformer
  • Chargers – Inverters – UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Batteries
Small power and lighting 0.25 day
  • Small power
  • Lighting
Electrical protection 0.25 day
  • Introduction
  • Protection relays (the most important relays)
  • Circuit – Breakers and fuses
Electrical safety 0.75 day
  • Electrical dangers as per UTE C-18 510
Hazardous areas and materials 0.75 day
  • Introduction
  • Definition of hazardous areas
  • Standards for hazardous areas
  • Zones delimitations
  • Materials in hazardous areas