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E-520 - Production Accounting & Material Balance Sheet

  • Managers, engineers, non-technical staff involved in production reporting or material-balance handling (assessing fee, value created, etc.)
  • To provide the fundamental knowledge for understanding production balance, linking relevant operations and production figures which impact issues such as transfer fee, exchange between fields, field useā€¦
Learning Objectives
  • To establish production balance from basic data (well tests, process measurements, fiscal data)
  • To grasp performance monitoring and production reporting tools
  • To assess impact of different operations on material balances
  • To know accounting and back allocation rules specific to process or production mode
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive and applied course by industry specialist lecturers
  • Numerous illustrations and cases studies

The production chain from the reservoir to the export point 0.5 day
  • Field operations mapping
  • Surface facilities
  • PFD studies
Measures and metering systems along the chain 0.5 day
  • Well measurements and production tests
  • Locations of metering systems
  • Technology, accuracy, calibration
  • “Filter” concept of a metering system
  • Process metering
  • Transactional metering
  • Gauging
Liquid balances 0.5 day
  • Production accounting rules
  • Oil balance
  • Condensate balance
  • LPG balance
  • Water balance
  • Application: study of oil and condensate balance of an oil field
Gas balance 0.5 day
  • Accounting rules
  • Dry gas field case
  • Wet gas field case
  • Application: Reconstruction of a natural gas balance and associated gas (oil field and gas cap)
Performance monitoring and production reporting 0.5 day
Case study & production balances reconstruction: back allocation, satellite fields, main production centers 0.5 day