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E-126 - Play Assessment & Prospect Generation

5 days GEO/PLAY
  • Geoscientists, technical or non-technical managers interested in prospect assessment.
  • This course provides a practical, comprehensive understanding of that part of the E&P value chain that deals with the technical evaluation of an exploration asset.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • understand prospect definition workflow and to estimate OHIP estimation parameters,
  • understand risks and uncertainties related to OHIP calculation methods, and to use related results accordingly,
  • review fundamental concepts of portfolio management and to learn how to define adapted exploration strategies.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Lectures, exercises, hands-on sessions on real case studies.
  • Discussion, teamwork experience feedback.

From prospect lead to potential field 1 day
  • Well potential productivity assessment.
  • Potential Field Development Plan.
  • Anticipated production profiles.
Play assessment 1 day
  • Data collection and QC.
  • Basin potential assessment.
  • Regional context - The petroleum trilogy.
  • Entrapment.
  • Relative timing of events.
Prospect analysis & generation 2 days
  • Source rock estimation.
  • Seismic and well data interpretation.
  • Cross correlation & integration with seismic data.
  • Structural history & Timing of HC expulsion and migration.
  • Exploration maturity status significance.
  • OHIP calculation parameters - Evaluation of uncertainties.
  • Assessment consistency.
  • OHIP determinist and stochastic assessment.
  • “Prospect review card” elaboration.
  • Applications of prospect evaluation.
  • Transition to dynamics and economics.
Risk analysis 1 day
  • Identification and assessment of risks and uncertainties.
  • Geological risks (reservoir, trap, HC preservation).
  • Fluid content risks (source rock, maturation, migration, timing).
  • Probability of success (POS) - Consequences for economics.
2017 course calendar
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Jun 26 - 30 Rueil €3,160 Online By email