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Plant SHE Process Daily Involvement

  • All plant staff, from operation, maintenance, engineering to laboratory.
  • To be able to contribute towards a positive and active view of the plant SHE process.
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the individual’s role in the plant SHE process and results expected.
  • To take over the plant SHE tools.
  • To enforce one's SHE involvement in daily job.
Ways and means
  • Use of plant SHE tools:
  • easy practical application of risk analysis methods
  • sharing of experiences (videos, case studies).

Safety commitment for the plant and the employee 0.25 day
  • Employer and employee safety regulatory requirements.
  • Safety improvement policy: moral requirement, economic features, technical challenge.
  • Employer and employee legal responsibilities.
  • Ensure one’s own and occupational environment protection.
Risks understanding - Hazard management tools 0.75 day
  • Risk management: target, field of application, staff concern.
  • Work-accident consequence assessment
  • Different accidents script (fire, explosive or toxic gas leak, etc.) and effects quantification.
  • Taking into account in daily assignment.
  • Hazard analysis methods
  • Target: risk assessment, protection and prevention means.
  • Main hazard analysis methods overview (HAZOP, CCC, etc.).
  • Risk analysis adaptation and use in standard process operations (product emptying, sampling, decommissioning, etc.).
  • Management of change.
Public behavior 0.5 day
  • Plant safety policy: top management choice, safety KPI follow-up, means implementation, whole coherence.
  • Tools: safety instructions, procedures, check-list, experience sharing, occupational task risk analysis, group work (interest, constraints, limits, etc.).
  • Expertise available: top management, SHE team, medical unit, experts.
Individual behavior - Human reliability 0.5 day
  • Management and individual exemplary behavior (rules & instruction agreement, personal protective equipment complying).
  • Team work induction.
  • Sense of observation development, reaction in front of a new or unusual situation.
  • Awareness of one’s stake and role in SHE process.
  • Human reliability: tacking in account in prevention tools and risk analysis.