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E-537C - Petroleum Engineering Certification

  • Engineers (particularly recently graduated engineers or engineers in conversion) looking to acquire in-depth knowledge and best practices of oil and gas production
  • To provide in-depth technical knowledge of oil and gas production in order to hold rapidly, and very effectively, the position of field engineer, design engineer, or project engineer
Learning Objectives
  • To grasp fundamentals of reservoir engineering and drilling
  • To explain well completion and servicing, well performance and artificial lift
  • To understand fundamental concepts underlying oil and gas processing
  • To understand in detail operating conditions and basic design of oil, water and gas treatment
  • To learn about technology of static equipment and rotating machinery used in production facilities
  • To learn about offshore development techniques and flow assurance issues
  • To identify main risks related to O&G production operations and review safety engineering best practices
  • To contribute to the dynamics of field development projects studies
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training with industry specialist lecturers
  • Multiple teamwork sessions and industrial case studies
  • Numerous process simulation exercises using PROII™ software

Introduction to petroleum geophysics 5 days
  • Elements & processes of reservoirs. Diagraphy analysis - Seismic acquisition, processing, imaging and interpretation. Prospects evaluation
Reservoir characterization 5 days
  • Architecture of the reservoirs. Petrophysic/properties of the rocks - Reservoir heterogeneities
Drive mechanism - Enhanced Oil Recovery 5 days
  • Reservoir engineering workflow. Drive mechanism. Enhanced oil recovery
Drilling fundamentals 5 days
  • Drilling operations. Architecture of the well & completion
Well productivity & reservoir - Wellbore interface 5 days
  • Well productivity. Reservoir wellbore interface implementation
Artificial lift and well intervention fundamentals 5 days
  • Artificial lift: gas lift, ESP. Types and means of intervention on producing wells. General procedure of a workover - Case study
Well control 5 days
  • Introduction to well control methods. Equipment. Wireline, coiled tubing, snubbing
Thermodynamics applied to well effluent processing 5 days
  • Well effluent - Ideal gas and real fluid behavior. Gas compression and expansion. Liquid-vapor equilibrium of pure components and mixtures - Mixture separation
Oil & water treatment 5 days
  • Crude oil treatment: stabilization, dehydration, sweetening. Reject and injection water treatment
Gas processing and conditioning 5 days
  • Gas processing: dehydration, sweetening, NGL recovery. Fundamentals of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Chain
Electricity & instrumentation 5 days
  • Typical architecture of an industrial electric distribution network. Instruments and control command. SIS – F&G
Static equipment & schematization 5 days
  • Piping & valves. Storage equipment. Thermal equipment. Flow assurance. Schematization
Metering and allocation 5 days
  • Data treatment. Transactional metering of liquids and gases: fluids dynamics, equipment. Multi-phase metering: operating principle and equipment, alternatives
Corrosion prevention in production facilities 5 days
  • Types of corrosion encountered in the oil & gas industry
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Corrosion monitoring - Fundamentals of inspection
Rotating machinery 5 days
  • Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Compressors and turbo-expanders. Gas turbines
Safety & environment in surface processing facilities 5 days
  • Product and equipment related risk - Hazards for personnel. Safety in production operations and during construction or repair works. Safety management and responsibilities. Introduction to fundamentals of safety engineering
Safety engineering 5 days
  • HAZID application, HAZOP exercise, plant layout exercise. Consequence analysis methodology. Safety Instrumented Systems, shutdown system, blow-down system, PSV's and mechanical systems
Petroleum economics and project management 5 days
  • Fundamentals of contracts. Project profitability evaluation - Risk analysis of Exploration & Production projects. Project cost estimation and cost control
Field development project - Jury 10 days
Offshore field development - Flow assurance 5 days
  • Offshore development architecture. Technology & deep offshore specificities. Pipelines