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Operation of a Chemical Production Unit

2 days PCH/CRC-E
  • Operating or maintenance technicians, operating staff in chemical production facilities.
  • To provide the know-how for an autonomous job position in the operation and maintenance of chemical production units, such as polymerization, fertilizers, chlorine, etc.
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the role of chemical reactions and reactants in the production process.
  • To learn about the operating constraints induced by the chemical reactions implemented in a production unit.
  • To grasp the impact of operating conditions on the production facilities' output.
Ways and means
  • Content may be customized for a particular process if information is provided at least one month in advance.
Confidentiality agreement if necessary.

Main sections of the unit 0.25 day
  • Process flow scheme of the unit, specifically in the reaction section.
  • Main operating conditions: temperature, pressure, flow rates, concentrations, profiles, etc. Process control.
Chemical background 0.5 day
  • Composition of the feed, characteristics of the effluents - Nature and role of the reactants; role of the recycle if any.
  • Chemical and physical characteristics of the chemical reaction: thermal effect, kinetics, complete or incomplete, catalyst role if pertinent.
  • Catalyst nature and effect, loading, poisons, ageing, regeneration, etc.
Equipment 0.25 day
  • Reactor type (mixed or piston type), internal devices, mixers, cooling system and temperature control.
  • Recycling system: pumps, compressors, flashes, filters, etc.
  • Safety mechanical devices, SIS, short stop if pertinent.
Analysis of operating conditions 0.5 day
  • Mass balance, heat balance.
  • Operating parameters and impact on yields and purity, by-products and purification operations if pertinent.
  • Advanced operation: yields and related modifications, selectivity and impacting parameters, feed composition.
  • Reaction cycle: duration, parameters profiles as a function of time.
  • Operation of the downstream fractionation and purification units.
Operation and disturbances 0.5 day
  • Nature and origins of disturbances: consequences, diagnostic, parades.
  • Specific safety measures around the reactor.