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E-535 - Oil & Gas Process Simulation

  • Professionals involved or interested in Oil & Gas field treatment processes: operation or process personnel, engineering staff, R&D engineers, …
  • This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of all field treatments, and develop practical skills in simulation of Oil & Gas treatment processes using the softwares HYSYSTM and PRO/IITM.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • understand Oil & Gas processing operations: flash separation, compression, expansion, heating or cooling, mixing, pumping, etc.,
  • grasp common Oil & Gas processing schemes and operating parameters,
  • build a Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and optimize existing processing schemes,
  • simulate an industrial unit at different operating stages,
  • extract thermodynamics data from the simulation software database (phase envelope, critical point parameters, hydrate formation risk area, different physical properties, …).
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry-specialist lecturers.
  • Several simulation case studies, addressing most of Oil & Gas field treatments.
  • Extensive practice of PRO/IITM and HYSYSTM simulation software.

Software presentation 0.25 day
  • Presentation of the different pieces of equipment: pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, turbines, turbo expanders, separators, valves, pipes.
  • Choice of the thermodynamic model: PR, SRK, …
  • Definition of components, pseudo-components, heavy-cuts.
Simulation of a crude oil field treatment unit 1 day
  • Main field treatments for crude oils: stabilization, sweetening, desalting and dehydration, associated gas compression and treatment.
  • Study of an offshore crude oil field treatment unit, based on Multiple Stage Separation (MSS).
  • Influence of the number of separators on the quality (API°, RVP, …) and quantity of stabilized oil.
  • Optimization of the operating parameters: pressures and temperatures of separators, suction and discharge condition of compressors, pumping needs for export by pipe.
  • Identification and adjustment of the controlling parameters.
Simulation of a natural gas field treatment unit 1 day
  • Main field treatments for natural gases: dehydration, sweetening, NGL extraction/recovery, compression and export, …
  • Study of an offshore natural gas dehydration, liquids extraction and compression unit.
  • Optimization of the operating parameters: primary separator operating conditions, dehydration parameters, cooling temperature for a sufficient liquid extraction, compression needs upstream the export pipe.
  • Identification and adjustment of the controlling parameters.
  • Analysis of hydrate formation risks.
Simulation of a gas dehydration unit by physical absorption (TEG) 0.75 day
  • Simulation of the glycol loop: contactor, flash separator, regenerator (still), circulation pumps, glycol/glycol exchanger.
  • Adjustment of controlling parameters: dry gas residual moisture content versus purity of lean TEG, moisture flow to be removed versus TEG circulation flow.
Simulation of a Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction/recovery unit 0.75 day
  • Progressive build up of the PFD of a Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) extraction unit.
  • Three processes are studied:
  • External refrigeration loop (cryogenic loop).
  • Joule Thomson expansion valve.
  • Turbo Expander.
  • Illustration of the results on phase envelope diagram.
Simulation of a propane cryogenic loop 0.75 day
  • Study of a simple loop.
  • Improvement of loop performances by addition of an intermediate expansion.
  • Use of propane enthalpy diagram to validate the software results.
  • Influence of propane purity and consequences of air ingress.
Simulation of Natural Gas Liquid fractionation unit - Distillation process 0.5 day
  • Principle of separation by distillation process and main operating parameters.
  • Simulation of a NGL fractionation unit using distillation columns.
  • Characteristics and operating conditions of the main equipment. Specific constraints.
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