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Non-Destructive Tests

3 days MCO/NDTIW
  • Experienced engineers, managers and technicians involved in the technical aspects of the oil, gas and chemical industries.
  • To review all the non-destructive examination methods used in the petroleum industry.
Learning Objectives
  • To identify available non-destructive examination methods.
  • To select non-destructive examination methods based on pros and cons.
Ways and means
  • Case studies to identify the most suitable non-destructive examination for various degradations.
  • Practical demonstration of non-destructive examination in a workshop.

Basic and advanced NDT techniques 2 days
  • Visual test, hardness test, Liquid Penetrant test (PT), magnetic penetrant test (MPT), Radiographic test (RT), ultrasonic testing (UT, TOFD, Phase Array), Leak Testing (LT), Electromagnetic testing (ET), Positive Material Identification (PMI), Infrared Thermography (IR).
  • For each technique, study:
  • the basic principles and theory
  • the classes of equipment and materials commonly used
  • responses typically encountered
  • how procedural requirements are extracted from specifications and standards
  • safety and health considerations.
Practical application 1 day
  • Demonstration of several NDT techniques performed on samples by qualified personnel in a dedicated workshop.