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E-743 - Negotiation Skills

4 days PL/NEGOGB
  • Anyone requiring methodology negotiating Oil & Gas upstream technical contracts for Projects, Engineers or Managers to be trained for the position of Project Control Manager or positions in Project Control entities, Project Managers or Project Engineers willing to get a broad understanding of the increasingly complicated negotiation challenges. Knowledge of O&G contracts is mandatory
  • To present the constraints, challenges and methods to be put in place in large oil & gas projects
Learning Objectives
  • To negotiate contracts during a large Oil & Gas Project
  • To apply methodology, tools and advices negotiating contracts
Ways and means
  • All presented events will carry an introduction and a debriefing session
  • Selection of events may be decided depending on the expectations of the group
  • Trainees will implement exercises through the use of software
This module is part of the course E-740C Training E-740C may be validated, on request, as such when all modules have been done

Generalities – Principles and Methodology 1 day
  • Methodology - Generalities
  • Principles
  • Preparation and discussions wheels
  • Performance evaluation
  • Case study A: ordering piping for an Oil & Gas Project (under development)
Methodology – Project specific 0.5 day
  • Methodology - Application to Projects
  • Principles
  • Preparation and discussions wheels
  • Performance evaluation
  • Case study B (under development)
Simulation 1 0.5 day
  • Case study: resolution of a dispute linked with problems occurred during transportation of equipment
Arguments, search for compromise 0.5 day
  • The 3 “Ego states”
  • Arguments and objections
  • Looking for a compromise - Reciprocity
  • Tools and tactics
Simulation 2 0.5 day
  • Case study: negotiation of a bank loan


Claim management 0.5 day
  • Methodology - Application to Projects
  • Case study C (under development)
Simulation 3 0.5 day
  • Case study: Collaboration Agreement (with a particular care about compromises to be generated)


Influence games and group dynamics 0.5 day
  • Decode the games of influence
  • How to identify and manage them?
  • Group dynamics
  • How to build a team
  • Legitimacy & credibility
  • Your Group dynamic and the one of the other party
  • Case study final (compilation of cases A, B and C)
Simulation 3 0.5 day
  • Case study: global agreement by using the tactics of pressure
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