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E-610C - Multivariable Predictive Control Certification

4 days I-R/MVPCGB
  • Engineers, technicians and operation supervisors involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of Advanced Predictive Control (APC) projects
  • To provide an advanced, practical knowledge of multivariable predictive control
Learning Objectives
  • To learn the fundamentals of multivariable predictive control: setting time, step response, prediction, dynamic control and optimization
  • To use a software for dynamic model identification, controller design, off-line closed loop simulation, robust tuning
  • To experiment the design of an on-line application on a process unit
  • To enhance the skills required to specify, execute and maintain an APC application
Ways and means
  • About 30% of the course devoted to workshops using advanced process control software solutions

Introduction topics 0.5 day
  • PID limitations and the need for advanced control
  • Basics of multivariable predictive control
  • Presentation of APC architecture and lab exercise toolbox: Axens S2 APC suite
Model identification 1 day
  • Data pre-processing: noise elimination and concatenation of data sets
  • Model building: identification techniques, validation and model reduction
  • Dynamic model matrix assembly and export to controller
  • Lab exercise: hands on tutorial and development of Gasoline Desulfurization Unit model (GDU model)
Dynamic simulation 1 day
  • Open-loop predictions for model validation
  • Closed-loop control and robust tuning
  • Introduction to on-line optimization: LP cost and external targets
  • Lab exercise: hands on tutorial and development of simulation for control of GDU
Automated step test 1 day
  • Off-line sequence design, tuning and simulation
  • On-line execution and follow-up
  • Lab exercise: hands on tutorial and development of automated step test simulation for GDU
APC project methodology and overview of on-line tools 0.5 day
  • Application build: configure
  • Real time management: monitor
  • Production interface: web access
  • Maintenance: report