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Mentors Training Course

2 days OPE/TUTBO-E
  • Mentors who are in charge of supervising field operators under training onsite.
  • To help mentors fulfill their mission in the operator training program.
Learning Objectives
  • To enable a smooth integration of participants in the "Field Operator Certification" training program into their teams.
  • To instruct operators support them during the training program.
  • To assess a trainee’s skills.
  • To communicate efficiently with the trainee and other parties involved (training department, IFP Training, etc.).
Ways and means
  • Dynamic delivery that emphasizes exchange between participants:
  • use of role play placing participants in various training situations on an industrial site
  • group discussion of a filmed processing
  • training site scenarios created based on real incident reports.
This training course is also suitable for production staff mentoring colleagues in new positions.

General objectives of operator training 0.15 day
  • Field Operator Certification program organization.
  • Teaching method and knowledge assessment.
  • Conditions for granting the certification.
Organization of mentor / IFP Training / Company’s training department relationship 0.15 day
  • Training book: a standardized document to improve trainee follow-up and communication with trainers.
  • Synchronization of the topics seen in class with working practice. Mentors/trainers meetings in the field.
  • Final briefing and participation to the final board of examiners.
Defining mentors’ missions 0.2 day
  • To ease the trainee's integration into the team.
  • To perform practical on-the-job training in a controlled manner.
  • To carry out practical training in working conditions. To assess the trainee's practical skills.
A mentor’s tool box 1 day
  • Teaching know-how
  • Communication techniques, questioning, listening, observing, reformulating, development.
  • Assessment techniques: assessment preparation by the mentor, running the assessment meeting.
  • What approach to adopt when a trainee is unsuccessful.
  • Technical knowledge
  • From a real company situation, how to develop training exercises.
  • Learning the installation during interventions, detecting and using interesting situations for training.
  • Accepting one's limitations; developing strategies to retrieve information.
Practical application: operator's inspection routine checks 0.5 day
  • From a video shot on a plant: case study and mentor’s experience.
  • Observation of the sequence by the participants to make comments and suggest improvements.