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Marketing & Sales of Bitumen

3 days EAV/MSB
  • Professionals taking up new positions in the manufacturing, marketing, utilization and technical assistance of bitumen and other bituminous binders, as well as those involved in road repairs, new roads, and industrial bitumen uses
  • As a result of the course, participants will obtain a better understanding of the bitumen binders industry, for roads, highways, airports, roofing, with special attention for two products having a world-wide development, namely polymer modified bitumen and bitumen emulsions
  • Objectives of this seminar are to present European and international commercial aspects of bitumen, and to improve the technical knowledge of participants
Ways and means
  • Industrial experience of the lecturer
  • Interactive lecture

Bitumen marketing 1.5 days
  • Relevant technical properties of bitumen
  • Commercial aspects of paving bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions:
  • market characteristics, consumption of various products, market trends
  • different types of customers, impact of technology development on the business
  • competition law: risks and compliance
  • Commercial aspects of industrial bitumen
  • Major European, American, African and Asian markets
  • International bitumen trading
  • Production and consumption areas, distribution
Technical & HSE aspects 1.5 days
  • Properties and main uses of bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, bitumen emulsions
  • Manufacturing: importance and constraints linked to bitumen production
  • tests, specifications, quality control
  • road building with hot, warm and cold mixes
  • Polymer modified paving bitumen and other modified bitumen
  • Road repairs and road maintenance techniques
  • Bitumen emulsions and polymer modified bitumen emulsions
  • Roof waterproofing techniques
  • Bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, oxidized bitumen, for waterproofing techniques: recent specifications in Europe, USA, and other countries
  • Health, safety, environment:
  • safety during transportation, storage, application of bitumen binders
  • health classification of bitumen
  • environmental aspect: recycling, LCI, authorities view