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Liquefied Natural Gas Economics

4 days ENE/LGE
  • Professionals from the oil, gas or power industries or from the bank/insurance/ consulting sectors who need to understand LNG activities and their economic stakes
  • To provide participants with an overview of the economic and contractual aspects of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) chain
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able:
  • to evaluate the economics of each part of the LNG chain
  • to analyze the basic structure of LNG contracts
  • to identify the main LNG markets and their evolution
Ways and means
  • Quiz
  • Examples of contracts
  • Statistical data

Global gas scene and LNG markets 1 day
  • Natural Gas uses, reserves, supply and demand
  • New outlets for LNG
  • International gas trades and importance of the LNG
  • Unconventional gas and its impact on LNG markets
  • Evolution of the LNG trading and pricing
  • Main LNG markets: Japan, South Korea, Atlantic Basin, India and China
Technical aspects of the LNG chain 1.5 days
  • LNG: properties and specifications
  • Design of the different parts of the LNG chain
  • Principles, standards, usual practice and size
  • Liquefaction plants, LNG tankers, regasification terminals
  • Risks, danger, impact on design
  • Main projects of LNG terminals in the world and their exploitation
  • Capital expenditures and operating costs
  • Feedback of some international projects
LNG contracts 1.5 days
  • Main features of LNG contracts
  • Important articles in long-term LNG sales agreements
  • LNG pricing: price formulae, indexation and net-back value
  • Impact of gas markets liberalization
  • Third-party access to regasification terminals
  • Example of terminals in France
  • Coexistence between long-term contracts and short-term contracts
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Jun 07 - 10 Rueil €3,110 Online By email
Sep 20 - 23 Rueil €3,110 Online By email