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E-350 - Introduction to Reservoir Engineering

  • Engineers and experienced technicians facing day-to-day reservoir engineering concerns although not directly involved (personnel from fields such as geology, geophysics, drilling, completion, production, processing, economics, etc.)
  • To provide an overview of main reservoir engineering concepts used in oil and gas fields development projects
Learning Objectives
  • To know the reservoir engineering workflow
  • To know and understand fundamental concepts of reservoir characterization and reservoir engineering in petrophysics, fluid characterization, formation evaluation and drive mechanisms
  • To understand how these concepts are used within multidisciplinary teamwork
Ways and means
  • Reservoir engineering workflow interactive presentation
  • Interactive lectures, exercises and short movies
  • Field case study quick-look

Reservoir engineering workflow 0.25 day
  • Introduction to Reservoir Engineering workflow through interactive group work
Basics of reservoir characterization 1.75 days
  • Production geology (basic concepts): reservoirs, traps, heterogeneities, etc.
  • Well logging interpretation
  • Petrophysics: rock properties
  • Reservoir fluid properties (gas, oil, formation water)
  • Exercises
Field development 2.5 days
  • Well test interpretation
  • Multiphase flow
  • Drainage mechanisms
  • Primary drainage: undersaturated oil reservoir, solution gas drive, gas cap drive, oil reservoir with natural water influx, gas field
  • Secondary recovery: water flood, gas injection
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery: EOR
  • Basics of reservoir simulation
  • Field developments
  • Exercises
Case study: field developments 0.5 day
  • Application to an oil field evaluation and development
  • Recovery and drainage mechanism evaluation
  • Reserves estimation
  • Development schedule
2016 course calendar
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Feb 15 - 19 Port-Gentil €3,520 Online By email
Feb 28 - Mar 03 Dubai €3,060 Online By email
Sep 05 - 09 Rueil €2,860 Online By email
Oct 03 - 07 Pau €2,860 Online By email