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Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

  • Professionals in technical, commercial, legal, financial or human resources departments, within the petroleum industry or related sectors, who need a general knowledge in petroleum engineering
  • To provide a complete overview of petroleum engineering covering primary issues of reservoir, drilling, completion, and surface production
Learning Objectives
  • To learn about major issues in petroleum engineering
  • To understand the various operations carried out during field development, from drilling to surface treatment
  • To learn the vocabulary needed to communicate with E&P professionals
Ways and means
  • Interactive animation by E&P senior experienced lecturers
  • All efforts are made to organize, during this course, visits to a drilling site and to a production site
  • Should a scheduled site visit have to be cancelled, for reasons beyond IFP Training’s control, and no alternative can be found in time, an illustration will be discussed in class using videos
Kindly refer to the following complementary courses which might be of interest: “Introduction to Reservoir Engineering” (E-300); “Drilling Fundamentals” (E-410); “Well Completion and Servicing” (E-411); “Oil & Gas Field Processing” (E-540)

  • Geologic traps
  • Rock and fluids properties
  • Logging and well-test evaluation
  • Drainage mechanisms
  • Improved oil recovery
WELL 2.25 days
  • Drilling
  • Oil and gas exploration organization
  • Well design
  • Drilling rig: functions hoisting, rotations, pumping, safety...
  • Drilling operations: casing, cement job, fishing, D.S.T.
  • Downhole production / Completion
  • Completion design
  • Global approach of flow capacity
  • Reservoir-wellbore interface
  • Well stimulation
  • Well equipment and maintenance
  • Chronology of a completion operation
  • Offshore wells
  • Selection of the rig type: jack-up, semi...
  • Design and specific equipment
  • Different objectives of processing field plants
  • Gathering system, hydrate inhibition
  • Crude oil treatment: oil and gas separation, crude oil dehydration and desalting processes
  • Gas processing: dehydration, sweetening, NGL recovery processes
  • Offshore production: metering and shipment
  • Visit of a production site (if available)
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2017 course calendar
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