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E-100 - Introduction to Basin Exploration

  • Non-geoscientific technicians interested in petroleum exploration techniques, young professionals in geosciences with short industry experience.
  • This course provides a practical knowledge of petroleum exploration. It aims at developing required competencies to actively participate in multidisciplinary project teams.
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • review most common exploration techniques, via an integrated multidisciplinary approach,
  • understand standard workflows used in exploration for multidisciplinary integration,
  • acquire both requested skills in basin structural & sedimentological analysis, and related know-how in assessing hydrocarbon potential and identifying prospects.
  • No prerequisites for this course.
Ways and means
  • Short daily lectures followed by exercises and hands-on sessions.
  • The workshop includes both individual work (exercises) and team work (short case studies).

Basin analysis 1 day
  • Geodynamics: Earth deformation and structural basin generation (extensional & compressional).
  • Review of geological environments and related reservoir distribution.
  • Sedimentary basins: sediment infilling and associated traps (structural & stratigraphic).
  • Hands-on:
  • Arabian plate borders.
  • Backstripping and tectonic inversion.
Petroleum systems 1 day
  • The petroleum trilogy: source rocks, reservoir rocks and seal rocks.
  • Source rock evaluation: hydrocarbons generation and migration.
  • Hydrocarbons entrapment, relative timing of events.
  • Structural history and timing for hydrocarbons expulsion.
  • Hands-on:
  • Campos basin (Brazil): hydrocarbon potential.
  • Paris basin: TOC, OM maturity.
Seismic interpretation 1 day
  • Review of acquisition and processing principles.
  • Seismic interpretation: objectives and methodologies.
  • Structural interpretation of extensional and compressional basins.
  • Hands-on: North Sea, offshore Africa, South America.
Well log analysis 1 day
  • Principles and objectives of well log acquisition and interpretation.
  • Review of wireline logging tools and parameter measurements.
  • “Quick-look” method for qualitative well-log interpretation.
  • Hands-on:
  • Well-to-well correlation.
  • Identification of reservoir characteristics and determination of fluid properties.
  • Logs vs. reservoir properties.
Basin potential evaluation 1 day
  • Basin potential assessment: regional context, petroleum trilogy, entrapment and timing.
  • Play assessment for exploration opportunities.
  • Prospect definition and related geological risk analysis.
  • Hands-on:
  • Events chart generation on real case studies.
  • Workshop: Petroleum system analysis + exploration well positioning.
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