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Introduction to Automotive Lubricants

3 days LUB/INILA-E
  • Technical and administrative staff, mainly beginners, in the automotive and industrial fields, desiring to acquire the mandatory basic knowledge of lubricants to insure efficient contacts with the concerned clients.
  • To provide a technical overview on the organs and their operation in an automotive vehicle.
  • To give the main elements to understand the role of the lubricant on the operation of the various automotive organs.
  • To describe the most important lubricants for the automotive vehicle.
  • To review the different fluids used in an automotive vehicle.
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the architecture of an automotive vehicle and the different organs lubricated.
  • To understand the operation of an engine, a gear box, a final drive, the physico-chemical phenomena involved to insure their lubrication.
  • To know the different fluids used in an automotive vehicle to insure its correct operation.
Ways and means
  • Interactive exercises of questions-answers between the participants using sets of play cards to synthetize the essential points of the lectures.

The automotive lubricants market distribution and sales channels 0.5 day
Constitution of an automotive vehicle - Technology of the lubricated organs 0.5 day
  • Engine: description, running cycles, critical areas of lubrication, pollution, lubricating circuit.
  • Gear boxes: manual and automatic gear boxes. Succinct description of functioning.
  • Final reduction final: different types and succinct description of functioning.
Study of lubrication and lubricants 0.5 day
  • Friction laws, different lubrication regimes, wear, flow properties.
  • The different types of lubricants: liquid, solid, pasty.
  • Functional properties of lubricants.
  • Constitution of lubricants: base oils and additives.
  • Main characteristics of lubricants.
Engine lubrication 0.5 day
  • SAE, API, ILSAC, ACEA classification and of system specifications.
  • Functional properties of engine oils.
  • Present themes: oil consumption, draining intervals, compatibility with after-treatment systems.
Transmissions lubrication 0.5 day
  • SAE, API classifications systems, manufacturers.
  • Functional properties of manual and automatic transmission gear boxes.
Miscellaneous fluids and greases 0.5 day
  • Greases for bearings and transmissions.
  • Oil shock absorbers. Brake fluids. Cooling liquids and antifreeze.