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International Oil Summit

1 day PEH/IOS
  • Professionals in the oil business, consumers, government advisers, policy makers, academics, bankers, economists, lobbyists and consultants
  • The International Oil Summit, held in Paris since 1999, have been recognized as large successes
  • Each conference brings together more than 200 participants, including ministers, prominent corporate leaders and journalists
  • The presentations of distinguished speakers open constructive discussions concerning a wide range of issues confronting the oil industry
  • In 2016, as in the previous summits, oil ministers and CEOs of leading national and international oil companies are invited to take part

Future of the oil industry
  • The oil market. Competition between oil and other energy sources
  • The impact of technological advances on production and processing costs
  • Demand in the 21st century and the share of oil in the global energy market in the face of competition and environmental constraints
Producing countries: meeting the new challenges of the oil sector
  • With the participation of ministers from the main oil producing countries
NOC - IOC: competition or cooperation?
  • Oil industry developments (mergers and acquisitions) and their impact on costs
  • Possible cooperation strategies between producing countries and international companies
  • OPEC/non-OPEC relations and producer-consumer dialogue
Debate: between IOC, NOC and service companies in the context of low price of the baril
  • How to improve profitability?
  • Increasing the profitability of new projects and maintaining their start-up
  • Increasing the profitability of ongoing production (technical aspects, organization aspects)
Current issues
2016 course calendar
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Apr 21 Paris €990 Online By email