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International Gas, Renewables & Electricity Summit

1 day PEH/IGS
  • Professionals in the Gas Business, Consumers, Buyers, Power Generators, Regulators and Government Advisers/Policy Makers, Academics, Bankers, Economists, Lobbyists and Consultants.
  • -- The International Gas Summits, held in Paris since 1996, have recorded large successes. From 2016, the International Gas Summit becomes the International Gas, Renewables & Electricity Summit.
  • Each conference brings together more than 200 participants, including ministers, prominent corporate leaders and journalists.
  • Wide issues facing the natural gas, Renewables & Electricity industry around the world are open for debate following presentations from distinguished speakers.
  • In 2016, as in the previous summits, CEOs of leading energy companies such as ENGIE (ex GDF Suez), Gazprom, Shell, Sonatrach, Statoil, Total ... are invited to take part.

  • The International Gas, Renewable and Electricity Summit will discuss the challenges and issues of the gas industry, of the development of the electricity production, including the rapid surge of renewable sources, especially wind and solar.
  • Ministers, CEOs and executives will as usual exchange arguments in a lively debate.
  • Future gas markets: will the supply glut last?
  • Impact of the US election on the development of non conventional gas
  • Development of new LNG projects: what about Australia and East Africa?
  • European gas markets: how to face increased deficits. Role of Russian imports, role of Norwegian imports?
  • The “southern corridor”: are things progressing?
  • The European electricity markets: low prices vs high costs
  • Impact of renewables on the electricity market
  • The future of renewables production
2016 course calendar
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Nov 09 Paris €990 Online By email