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Instrumentation & Process Control

5 days IR/INPC
  • Engineers and technicians from process industries.
  • To provide an understanding of instrumentation and control systems and facilitate communication with experts to specify, design, operate and improve control systems.
Learning Objectives
  • To interpret a PID and recognize control loops, automatisms and safety instrumented functions.
  • To recognize the main types of sensors and control valves, and understand their working principles and failures.
  • To tune a control loop.
Ways and means
  • Interactive course and use of a process dynamic simulator.

Control loop - On/off loop 0.5 day
  • Function, constitution, signal types.
  • Instrument tags and symbolization on P&ID drawings. ISA standard.
  • Safety Instrumented Functions.
  • Application: P&ID drawings interpretation.
Sensors and control valves 2.5 days
  • Sensors
  • Measure and detection of pressure, temperature, level, flow and weight.
  • Technologies and configuration parameters.
  • Selection criteria: process constraints, accuracy and availability.
  • Control valves
  • Technologies and working principle of control and on/off valves.
  • Specification parameters (Cv, trim characteristics, air failure, Leak class, etc.).
  • Failure modes.
  • Accessories (limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners, etc.)
  • Applications:
  • Identification of material on pictures.
  • Simulation of a control valve on a dynamic simulator.
  • Mini-process skids workshops.
Digital control systems and programmable logic controllers 0.5 day
  • Role, architecture and functions.
  • Systems operation: graphics, alarming, trends, etc.
  • Safety Instrumented Systems.
Process control - Loop tuning 1.5 days
  • Process identification.
  • Control strategies: split-range, cascade, feed forward, multivariable.
  • Tuning of a PID controller.
  • Non-linearity of process; controller operating point and loop hunting.
  • Application: loop tuning on dynamic simulator.
2016 course calendar
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Aug 29 - Sep 02 Martigues €2,850 Online By email