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E-611 - Instrumentation Maintenance

  • Engineers and technicians involved in hook-up and control of instrumented systems enforced in the Oil & Gas industry
  • To provide a comprehensive knowledge for the control and maintenance of instrumented systems enforced in production facilities
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the importance of measurements quality, calibration methods and associated preventive actions
  • To optimize process control loop – PID controllers
  • To know the typical architecture of a DCS –I/O interfaces, communication protocols
  • To describe process safety systems and fire and gas detection systems
  • To master instrument calibration procedures, process control and safety loops synchronization
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry specialist lecturers
  • Process control practice on dynamic simulator
  • Numerous applications and illustrations on calibration, process control and safety instrumented systems

Process instrumentation 1.25 days
  • Field instrumentation refresher: 4-20 mA standard and HART instruments, digital instruments
  • Instruments scales and calibration methods
  • Introduction to control valves calculation
  • Calibrated orifice calculation according to ISO 5167 standard, approach for measurement error calculation
  • Flowrate calculation corrected for pressure and temperature
  • Instrument cables and junction boxes definition
  • Introduction to on-site industrial analyzers
Process control 1.25 days
  • Oil & gas surface processes identification
  • PID controllers study: series, parallel and mix structures - Impact of controller parameters on process control - Controllers tuning
  • Study and adjustment of control loops: simple closed loop, cascade, split-range, ratio
  • Applications on dynamic simulator: case of a (well - separator) process section
Automation of production processes 0.5 day
  • Distributed control system (DCS) architecture
  • Equipment architecture: controller, input/output cards, software architecture
  • Man - machine interface: views management (mimics, alarms, historian, trends), plant control strategy (overview, tree structure) and functionalities of the various types of views
  • Alarm management: alarm types, hierarchy, processing
  • DCS simulator: Man - Machine interface analysis - Case study
  • DCS and PLC implementation projects
  • Approach to quantification and allocation of system input/output
  • Notion of system life cycle and integrity (IEC 61508) / implementation of SIL
  • Study of e DCS or PLC implementation project: Engineering documents (functional analysis) and project phases: Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and commissioning
Safety instrumented system 1 day
  • Refresher on safety instrumented systems (SIS): PSS, ESD, HIPPS, EDP
  • Impact on HAZID and HAZOP studies on design
  • Definition and implementation of Safety Integrated Levels (SIL) on instruments loops: oil and gas companies approach to IEC 61508 and 61511 standards – application exercises
  • Applications on dynamic simulator: Implementation of PSS and ESD systems - Case of a (well - separator) process section
Maintenance and calibration standards 1 day