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E-424 - HSE: Health - Safety - Environment

5 days FOR/HSEE
  • Young engineers and technicians involved or wishing to extend their knowledge in drilling and completion operations
  • To provide a thorough understanding of drilling/completion risks, along with the methodical approach to risk analysis to prevent and mitigate their impacts
Learning Objectives
  • To ensure high HSE standard during drilling operations
  • To identify specific hazards, their associated risks during drilling/completion (operations and maintenance) and define prevention and mitigation measures to reduce risks to a minimum
  • To understand and apply typical HSE management practices on site (prevention, protection, incidents reporting and analysis)
Ways and means
  • Application to a real case (project) for the participants in the “Drilling and Completion Engineering” training course (E-412)

HSE management - Responsabilitie 1.5 days
  • Safety Management System
  • Bridging document between Operator and Drilling Contractor
  • Procedures (Permit To Work, SIMOPS, management of changes, downgraded situations,…)
  • Human factors in risks management
  • Reporting and analysis of incidents/accidents
  • Training
Main risks in general activities, prevention and mitigation measures 1.25 days
  • Flammability
  • Explosive atmospheres (ATEX): flammable products, explosive limits and flash point
  • Ignition sources: naked flame, auto-ignition temperature, sparks and static electricity, ...
  • Fluid behavior
  • Pressure in a vessel and variation depending of temperature variations
  • Risks for personnel
  • Risks associated with chemical products/toxic gas (H2S), radioactivity /electricity
  • Risks associated with gestures, postures/driving
  • Risks during lifting operations /work at height/work in a confined space
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
Specific risks during drilling/completion operations, prevention and mitigation measures 1.25 days
  • Surface Gas: prevention and control
  • Kick: detection and control, equipment
  • Explosives: procedure and storage
  • SIMOPS (drilling/production or drilling/construction)
Safety engineering basics 0.5 day
  • Notion of Safety Barriers
  • Gas/fire detection and associated control system
Environment basics 0.25 day
Knowledge assessment 0.25 day
HSE training plan on a drilling rig 0.5 day
  • Basic HSE recap and training
  • Training exercises: well control, fire drill, rig evacuation
Knowledge assessment 0.5 day
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