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E-591C - HSE Engineer Certification

80 days HSE/HSEENG
  • Engineers (in particularly field-, project- engineers) called on to take the position of HSE or Safety Engineer
  • To provide an in-depth knowledge of safety and environment issues in oil & gas production activities: from design to facilities operation
Learning Objectives
  • To describe the overall production chain and explain main techniques and equipment used in the Oil & Gas facilities
  • To detail HSE concerns in production operations, construction, maintenance works, projects/logistics
  • To describe HSE management roles and responsibilities, set-up and implement HSE management system
  • To contribute to Safety Engineering studies, incident analysis and investigation reporting, HSE monitoring
  • To adopt good work methods and communication skills
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry specialist lecturers, with numerous teamwork sessions
  • Numerous application, case studies and experience feedback

Downhole production and surface processing 10 days
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, Completion and Well Servicing
  • Oil, Water & Gas treatments
Flow assurance – Production facilities equipment – Corrosion & inspection 10 days
  • Overview of static and rotating equipment
  • Flow assurance, hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, deposits
  • Corrosion & inspection, chemicals use & management
Safety engineering 10 days
  • Preliminary Hazard analysis - HAZID studies, HAZOP studies - Consequence analysis methodology
  • Major hazard assessment & quantitative risk assessment
  • Emergency escape and rescue - Human Factor & Safety Dossier
Safety during project phases 10 days
  • Description of project phases and associated safety issues
  • Safety rules and organization on project
  • Safety audits, lessons-learnt sessions
HSE in drilling/completion operations 5 days
  • HSE in drilling, completion, rig move operations, well maintenance operations
  • Training exercises: well control, fire drill, rig evacuation etc.
HSE in operation and maintenance activities 10 days
  • HSE main hazards and risks: dangerous products, flammability, fluid behavior hazards
  • Utilities, flares & drains, installation preparation for work (LOTO; degassing-inerting; ventilation…)
  • Inventory of risks in maintenance works
  • Work Permit System, SIMOPS
HSE management systems – Responsibilities – Reporting 10 days
  • HSE management systems
  • Management of change, downgraded situations
  • Human factors and Responsibilities - Safety Culture & Safety Leadership
Environment and pollution management 5 days
  • Environmental issues to E&P activities
  • Environmental impact assessment - Projects
  • Environmental risk management - Production activities
  • Oil Spill Management & Waste Management
Emergency plans – Oil spill response – Firefighting practice 5 days
Communication skills – Final oral assessment 5 days