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E-426 - Geomechanics for Drilling Operations

3 days FOR/GEOME
  • Engineers and supervisors involved in drilling and completion operations
  • To provide an understanding of Geomechanics solutions for mitigating and solving drilling problems
Learning Objectives
  • To acquire some knowledge on Geomechanics applied to drilling and completion operations
  • To grasp through case studies some important drilling and wellbore issues with regard to Geomechanics

Scope of rock mechanics 0.25 day
  • What is geomechanics? Why geomechanics?
  • Geomechanics applications - Geomechanics limitation
Introduction to rock mechanics 0.75 day
  • Stress - Strains
  • Rock failure criteria - Mohr circle application
  • Effect of pore pressure and temperature on rock failure application
Stress distribution around the wellbore: case of compact rocks 1 day
  • Stress expression: case on an isotropic and anisotropic stress fields
  • Effect of pressure in the well and the temperature on the stresses
  • Different mode of failure
  • Stability diagram
Pore and fracturation determination 0.5 day
  • Underground stresses - Geostatic pressure
  • Pore pressure estimation: ratio, equivalent depth, Eaton method
  • Fracturation pressure estimation: calculation, LOT
Application 0.5 day
  • Anisotropy effect on wellbore
  • Effect of mud weight, bore hole temperature, wellbore trajectory