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E-621 - General Mechanical Maintenance

  • Technicians for general mechanical maintenance in the oil and gas industry
  • To provide the basic techniques of the various aspects and practices related with piping for the gas and oil industry so much for the extraction, the processing and the storage of products while respecting the current safety regulations of the industry
Learning Objectives
  • To describe the mechanical strength, the chemical resistance and the thermal resistance
  • To describe the different types of flexible hoses
  • To describe the types of fitting for tubing and piping
  • To recognize the different types of gasket
  • To understand how bolted assemblies are working
  • To identify the lifting equipment and accessories
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry specialist lecturers
  • Numerous teamwork exercises
  • Practice in workshops (according to availability)

Piping, connections, flanges, joints 3 days
  • Pipes, connections and joints: classes and standardization, identification, rules of use, sealing products, bending
  • Fittings: function, design, precautions during operation, maintenance. Globe valves and gate valves, other types of valves (ball, butterfly, diaphragm, piston, …), check-valves
  • Scrapers, scarper valves
  • Piping accessories: filters, flow conditioner, …
  • Flexibles: design, precaution of use, rules
Tightening method 1 day
  • Description of bolted joints, tightening force
  • Preload, type of bolts
  • Disassembly and tightening of an assembly, tightening sequence
Rigging and lifting 1 day
  • Lifting equipment, selection of the assembling and lifting equipment, mounting parts
  • Load calculation
  • Communication and signs
  • Material inspection, lifting types and methods, safety
Torqueing 1 day
Clearances and air gap 0.75 day
Rigging and slinging 1 day