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E-514 - Gas Sweetening & Sulfur Recovery

  • Professionals interested in sour gas: engineers involved in oil and gas field facilities operation or design, managerial staff in gas processing facilities, equipment providers, personnel from engineering companies
  • To provide a comprehensive technical review of sour gas treatment, sulfur recovery, conditioning processes and storage facilities, including operating and troubleshooting issues
Learning Objectives
  • To comprehend all concerns linked to sour gas treatment and sulfur recovery
  • To review sulfur and acid pollutants main physical properties, specificities, and induced hazards
  • To understand operating principles and conditions of gas sweetening and sulfur recovery / handling processes
  • To grasp main operating problems encountered in sour gas processing and sulfur recovery and handling
Ways and means
  • Highly interactive training by industry-specialist lecturers
  • Numerous applications and illustrations

Overview of gas sweetening processes 0.25 day
  • Nature, origins and compositions of the streams to be treated
  • The properties of sulfur compounds and CO2
  • Reasons for removing acid gases, usual specifications
  • Cost impact of gas sweetening and stakes
  • Acid gas management, impact on the sweetening unit
  • The different types of gas sweetening processes
Amine sweetening processes 1.5 days
  • General principles
  • Generic processes and proprietary processes
  • Typical process flow scheme
  • Amine unit design: key design parameters
  • Specific process arrangements
  • Equipment review, process control
  • Operational issues and troubleshooting
  • The specificities of amine units in refineries
  • Elgin-Franklin, an example of a versatile MDEA sweetening unit
  • An example of successive revamping of an amine unit
  • Acid Gas Enrichment
Other gas sweetening processes 0.75 day
  • Scavengers
  • Solid Bed processes
  • Redox processes
  • Other solvent processes: hot carbonate, physical solvents, hybrid solvents
  • Permeation membranes
  • Cryogenic distillation processes
  • LPG sweetening
  • Guidelines for process selection
Recovering sulfur from acid gases 0.25 day
  • Architecture of the sulfur recovery facilities
  • Sulfur properties
  • The sulfur market (sulfur uses)
Sulfur recovery units (Claus) 1.25 days
  • Chemical mechanisms & general process flow diagram
  • Key parameters of the Claus process
  • The thermal stage
  • The catalytic stages
  • Adapting the process to the acid gas quality (rich/lean acid gas)
  • Operational issues
Tail Gas Treatment 0.75 day
  • Types of TGT processes
  • Direct oxidation processes
  • Sub-dewpoint processes
  • Wet sub-dewpoint process
  • H2S absorption processes
Sulfur conditioning & storage 0.25 day
  • Liquid sulfur degassing
  • Sulfur forming
  • Sulfur storage