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Gas Markets & Trading

2 days TRT/GMT
  • All personnel in the gas or associated industries needing to improve their knowledge and understanding of gas trading and pricing mechanisms
  • To provide a better understanding of the structure, the methods of operation, the uses and the impacts of gas physical, financial and paper trading
Learning Objectives
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able:
  • to analyze the fundamentals of gas supply and regional demands
  • to review the different gas trading markets and types of transactions
  • to understand the basic structure of long term contracts
  • to comprehend the hedging techniques available for protection against fluctuations in prices
Ways and means
  • Examples of contracts
  • Statistical data

Gas supply and demand 0.25 day
  • Evolution of gas demand. Projections
  • Gas reserves and production
  • Gas producing countries. International supply projects
  • Regional gas demands
  • International trade. LNG trading
Long term contracts 0.5 day
  • Types of contracts
  • Features of long term contracts
  • Contractual quantities, nominations and Take-or-Pay
  • Gas pricing: indexation principle
  • Concepts of market value and cost plus
Spot and forward markets 0.5 day
  • Spot markets
  • Forward contracts
  • North American Hubs
  • Spot markets in UK and continental Europe
  • Price References and the role of reporting agencies
Futures markets 0.5 day
  • Features of gas Future contracts
  • Exchanges and their organization: NYMEX, ICE
  • Hedging using Future contracts
  • Basis risk and hedging imperfections
Risk management 0.25 day
  • Swaps: principles, basics and characteristics
  • Options (call, puts): principles, basics and characteristics
  • OTC derivatives: caps, floors, collars
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Jun 01 - 02 Rueil €1,760 Online By email
Nov 22 - 23 Rueil €1,760 Online By email